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Greensmith Land Management, LLC

Florida Northern Bankruptcy Court
Voluntary / 11V





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Sep 8, 2023
Last Entry Filed
Sep 8, 2023

Docket Entries by Month

Sep 1, 2023 1 Petition Chapter 11 Subchapter V Voluntary Petition (Non-Individual) (Filing Fee: $1738.00) filed by Greensmith Land Management, LLC. Attorney Disclosure Statement due 09/15/2023. BPP Disclosure of Compensation due 09/15/2023. Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Notice, Declaration, and Signature due 09/15/2023. Credit Counseling Certificate due 09/15/2023. Employee Income Record or Statement of No Employee Income due: 09/15/2023. List of Equity Security Holders due 09/15/2023. Schedule C due 09/15/2023. Schedule D due 09/15/2023. Schedule E/F due 09/15/2023. Schedule G due 09/15/2023. Schedule H due 09/15/2023. Schedule I due 09/15/2023. Schedule J due 09/15/2023. Schedule J-2 due 09/15/2023. Summary of Assets and Liabilities due 09/15/2023. Statement of Financial Affairs due 09/15/2023. Ch 11 Statement of Current Monthly Income (122B) due 09/15/2023. Statement of Social Security or Tax ID Number due 09/15/2023. Petition Filing Fee from Prior Case due 09/15/2023. Petition Filing Fee due 09/15/2023. Deadline to Cure Deficiency(ies): 09/15/2023. (Ford, J.) (Entered: 09/01/2023)
Sep 1, 2023 Receipt of Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11)( 23-30616) [misc,volp11] (1738.00) filing fee. Receipt number C5199700, amount $1738.00 (re: 1) (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 09/01/2023)
Sep 1, 2023 2 Application to Employ J Steven Ford (307 S. Palafox Street, Pensacola, FL 32502) as Attorney Filed by J. Steven Ford on behalf of Greensmith Land Management, LLC (Ford, J.) (Entered: 09/01/2023)
Sep 2, 2023 Case assigned to Audrey Thurman (admin) (Entered: 09/02/2023)
Sep 5, 2023 3 Notice of Appointment of Jodi D. Dubose as Chapter 11 Subchapter V Trustee Filed by United States Trustee. (Attachments: # 1 Verified Statement of Subchapter V Trustee) (McLaughlin, Conor) (Entered: 09/05/2023)
Sep 5, 2023 4 Notice of Deadline to Cure Deficiencies. A complete list of deficient items due from Debtors attached. Schedule A/B due 9/15/2023. Service by the Court pursuant to applicable Rules. (Thurman, Audrey) (Entered: 09/05/2023)
Sep 5, 2023 5 SUBMISSION ERROR NOTIFICATION: Attorney signature block on referenced document does not match attorney account information in CM/ECF. Electronic notice through CM/ECF may be affected until resolved. Pursuant to this Court's Administrative Procedures for Filing, Signing, and Verifying Pleadings and Papers by Electronic Means, Section II. A. 2., registered users must keep contact information current. Contact the Clerk's Office at 850-521-5001 for more information. (Re: 1 Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11).) (Thurman, Audrey) (Entered: 09/05/2023)
Sep 5, 2023 6 CORRECTIVE ENTRY BY CASE ADMINISTRATOR - The entry referenced hereto has been modified by the court for accuracy: Alias - Debtor alias added to ECF to match Petition. Statistical Data - Statistical data changed to match Petition. (Re: 1 Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11).) (Thurman, Audrey) (Entered: 09/05/2023)
Sep 5, 2023 New Case Received and Reviewed for Accuracy (QC) (Thurman, Audrey) (Entered: 09/05/2023)
Sep 5, 2023 Trustee's Memo re 341 Meeting: Please schedule Meeting of Creditors to be held at 11:00 AM (CST) on 10/2/2023 in BY TELEPHONE Filed by United States Trustee. (United States Trustee) (Entered: 09/05/2023)
Sep 5, 2023 7 Order Prescribing Subchapter V Operating Procedures, Scheduling Status Conference, and Setting Deadline for Filing Plan Status hearing to be held on 10/20/2023 at 10:00 AM (Central Time) at/via Telephone Conference [JCO] (888-363-4749, Access Code 1729588#, Security Code 8818#). Subchapter V Pre-Status Conference Report due: 10/6/2023. Service by the Court pursuant to applicable Rules. (Murrill, Lisa) (Entered: 09/05/2023)
Sep 5, 2023 8 Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice Filed by Conor McLaughlin on behalf of United States Trustee. (McLaughlin, Conor) (Entered: 09/05/2023)
Sep 5, 2023 9 Order to File Federal and State Employment Tax Returns and to Deposit State and Federal Taxes signed on 09/05/2023. (ADIapps)

Service by the Court pursuant to applicable Rules. (Entered: 09/05/2023)
Sep 6, 2023 10 Notice of Chapter 11 Case and 341(a) Meeting of Creditors. 341(a) meeting to be held on 10/2/2023 at 11:00 AM, CT, at/via with the U.S. Trustee by telephone at (877) 835-0364, Access Code 4662459. Proofs of Claims due by 11/13/2023. Government Proof of Claim due by 2/28/2024. Chapter 11 Plan (Subchapter V) due: 11/30/2023. Last day to oppose discharge or dischargeability is 12/1/2023. Service by the Court pursuant to applicable Rules. (Thurman, Audrey) (Entered: 09/06/2023)

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Case Information

Florida Northern Bankruptcy Court
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Jerry C. Oldshue Jr.
Sep 1, 2023
Jun 16, 2024
Last checked
Sep 22, 2023

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    Greensmith Land Management, LLC
    4459 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
    Gulf Breeze, FL 32563
    Santa Rosa-FL
    Tax ID / EIN: xx-xxx4463
    dba Greensmith Construction Group

    Represented By

    J. Steven Ford
    Wilson, Harrell, Farrington
    307 S. Palafox Street
    Pensacola, FL 32502
    Fax : 850-432-8500
    Email: sford@wilsonharrell.com


    Jodi D. Dubose
    Stichter Riedel Blain & Postler, P.A.
    41 N. Jefferson St., Ste. 111
    Pensacola, FL 32501

    U.S. Trustee

    United States Trustee
    110 E. Park Avenue
    Suite 128
    Tallahassee, FL 32301

    Represented By

    Conor McLaughlin
    110 E. Park Avenue
    Suite 128
    Tallahassee, FL 32301
    Email: conor.mclaughlin@usdoj.gov

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