Case Number

A case within the federal court system can be uniquely identified by ALL of the following information

Part Description Example
Court The bankruptcy court the case was filed in. California Central Bankruptcy Court (cacbke)
Office The divisional office within the bankruptcy court the case was filed in. 1 (single digit number)
Year filed The year the case was filed. Can be two digit or four digit year. 09 or 2009
Case type Two letter case type code. ‘bk’ for bankruptcy
Case number Case number within the court system 12345

Like “court O:YY-tt-NNNNN”

Example: cacbke 2:10-bk-38052

Unfortunately the year and case number (typically shown as 10-12345 in court documents) can match multiple cases across the PACER system and even within an individual court. All the elements above are required to uniquely identify a single case.