About BusinessBankruptcies.com

Users of the PACER federal bankruptcy database know its limitations well:

  • Business bankruptcies are not easy to identify from the many thousands of personal bankruptcies filed each day
  • Data is pull only - you must constantly run searches and check cases to get the latest information
  • It is very difficult to navigate; search is very limited
  • You are repeatedly charged to view the same information; it is expensive to use

Other bankruptcy information services fall short of providing an easy, useful, feature rich, and cost-effective service focused on the needs of business customers and creditors.

BusinessBankruptcies.com provides a bankruptcy information service specifically focused on business bankruptcies. We solve all of PACER's problems and provide a modern and flexible interface, with a curated and complete database of just business bankruptices, combined with a very robust set of push notifications.

Our service is particularly useful for:
  • Businesses wanting to track their vendors and customers and avoid bankruptcy risk
  • Creditors of bankruptcy cases
  • Businesses looking for distressed acquisition opportunities
  • Businesses looking to serve the market for businesses in bankruptcy
  • Businesses that auction bankruptcy assets
  • M&A professionals looking for distressed investment opportunities

If you are curious about what BusinessBankruptcies.com can do for you, please use our customer service form to request a free trial. (If you aren't already a free user, you'll have to sign up for a free account to use our customer service form)

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