Find and track Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 business bankruptcies from the most complete and curated database of national bankruptcies

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Find & Track Bankruptcy Opportunities

Business bankruptcies provide an opportunity for acquiring distressed assets at a discount. Whether you are an mergers acquisitions professional looking for discounted investment opportunities, or a business looking for strategic acquisition opportunities, is the best way to find and track chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcies.

  • Daily case notification for all new business bankruptcies
  • Proximity search for location-specific opportunities (such a real estate)
  • Monitor your entire list of competitors for strategic opportunities
  • Access financial information for businesses or competitors that have been through bankruptcy
  • Track multiple cases and get daily docket updates
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Bankruptcy Alert Notifications

The financial liability of a customer bankruptcy, or the supply chain disruption of a vendor bankruptcy, can be devastating to a business. Official bankruptcy notification from the court can take weeks or months, and often omits creditors notification can mean the difference between inconvenience, and financial hardship. provides an early warning for your customers and vendors. Follow cases and remain informed using the most up-to-date bankruptcy database and easy-to-use service.

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Maximize Your Bankruptcy Settlement

The onus is on bankruptcy case creditors to ensure the court considers their interests. As courts give priority to banks and other secured creditors, unsecured creditors must remain informed and provide courts with accurate information, in order to most effectively pursue claims. provides inexpensive and thorough methods to track individual bankruptcy cases through resolution For a one time fee*, creditors receive breaking notifications on case updates and decisions.

* Not including the cost of documents

App Integration

Import bankruptcy information into your app or service provides your customers with valuable and timely information critical to their business.

  • Track bankruptcy filings to provide early warnings when customer and vendor bankruptcies occur
  • Monitor business competitors for bankruptcy filings
  • Access case information directly through your service
  • Search location-specific bankruptcies to identify local opportunities, such as pending business auctions and available lease space.
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