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Daily Gazette Company

West Virginia Southern Bankruptcy Court
Voluntary / 11





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Jan 31, 2018
Last Entry Filed
Jan 31, 2018

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Jan 30, 2018 1 Petition Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition - Missing Documents Due Within 14 Days: Chapter 11 Plan Due: 05/30/2018. Disclosure Statement Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney for Debtor, List of Equity Security Holders,Creditor Mailing Matrix, Schedule AB, Schedule D, Schedule EF, Schedule G, Schedule H, Statement of Financial Affairs, Summary of Schedules,Declaration Concerning Debtors SchedulesVerification of Mailing Matrix Incomplete Filings Due: 02/13/2018. Disclosure Statement Due 05/30/2018. Assets: UNKNOWN, Liabilities: UNKNOWN. (Supple, Joe) (Entered: 01/30/2018)
Jan 30, 2018 Receipt of Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11)(2:18-bk-20028) [misc,volp11a] (1717.00). Receipt Number 3128480, Amount $1717.00. (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 01/30/2018)
Jan 30, 2018 2 Affidavit of Debtor Daily Gazette Company /Declaration of Norman W. Shumate III in Support of Chapter 11 Filings and First-Day Motions. (Supple, Joe) (Entered: 01/30/2018)
Jan 30, 2018 3 Motion by Debtor Daily Gazette Company for Joint Administration Case Number: 18-20029, 18-20030, 18-20032, 18-20033, 18-20034 (Supple, Joe) (Entered: 01/30/2018)
Jan 30, 2018 4 Motion Filed by Debtor Daily Gazette Company to For Orders (A) Authorizing (I) Payment of Pre-Petition Employee Wages, Salaries, and Other Compensation; (II) Reimbursement of Pre-Petition Employee Business Expenses; (III) Payment of Pre-Petition Tax and Other Withholdings to Third Parties; (IV) Contributions to Pre-Petition Employee Health and Other Benefit Programs and Continuation of Such Programs; (V) Payment of Workers Compensation Obligations and Other Insurance Premiums; (B) Authorizing Banks to Honor and Process Check and Electronic Transfer Requests Related Thereto; and (C) Granting Related Relief.. (Supple, Joe) (Entered: 01/30/2018)
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West Virginia Southern Bankruptcy Court
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Frank W. Volk
Jan 30, 2018
Apr 12, 2018
Last checked
Feb 14, 2018
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Charleston Publishing Company
Craig L. Selby
Ezra H. Cochran
MediaNews Group, Inc.
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Steven L. Thomas
Aaron C. Cooper
Adam W. Howell
Adcellerant LLC
Adrian Q. Pope
Advance Auto Parts
AfterCollege Inc.
AIG-Natl Un. Fire Ins Co of Pittsburgh
Alexandra Schmitz
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Daily Gazette Company
1001 Virginia Street East
Charleston, WV 25301
Tax ID / EIN: xx-xxx4480

Represented By

Joe M. Supple
801 Viand Street
Point Pleasant, WV 25550
(304) 675-6249
Fax : (304) 675-4372
Email: info@supplelaw.net

Us Trustee

United States Trustee
2025 Robert C. Byrd U.S. Courthouse
300 Virginia Street, East
Charleston, WV 25301
(304) 347-3400

Date Filed Nameparent case = parent case Chapter Case #
Jan 30, 2018 Daily Gazette Holding Company, LLC parent case 11 2:2018bk20029
Jan 30, 2018 G-M Properties, Inc. parent case 11 2:2018bk20034
Jan 30, 2018 Daily Gazette Publishing Company, LLC parent case 11 2:2018bk20032
Jan 30, 2018 Charleston Newspapers Holdings, L.P. parent case 11 2:2018bk20030
Jan 30, 2018 Charleston Newspapers parent case 11 2:2018bk20033
May 1, 2017 Fenwick Technologies, Inc. 11 2:17-bk-20246
Oct 4, 2016 Double Vision Inc dba Visions Day Spa 11 2:16-bk-20560
Jan 13, 2016 JAMES F. HUMPHREYS & ASSOCIATES, L.C. 11 2:16-bk-20006
Oct 23, 2015 Arrhythmia Treatment Associates, LLC 11 2:15-bk-20553
Aug 3, 2015 Peerless Eagle Coal Co. 11 3:15-bk-34041
Apr 2, 2015 Viridia, LLC 11 2:15-bk-20181
Jan 22, 2013 LLC Carbonoks 11 3:13-bk-30024
Jul 9, 2012 Affinity Mining Company 11 1:12-bk-12902
Feb 8, 2012 Coffee County Clean Energy LLC 7 2:12-bk-20071
Feb 6, 2012 The Pro-Art & Framing Center Inc. 7 2:12-bk-20065