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Tadich Grill of Washington DC LLC

District Of Columbia Bankruptcy Court
Voluntary / 7





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Feb 8, 2018
Last Entry Filed
Feb 6, 2018

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Jan 31, 2018 1 Petition Chapter 7 Voluntary Petition for Non-Individuals . Fee Amount $335 Filed by Tadich Grill of Washington DC LLC Mailing Matrix due 02/7/2018. Section 316 Incomplete Filing Date 03/19/2018 Schedules A/B-J due 02/14/2018. Statement of Financial Affairs due 02/14/2018. Statement of Intent due 02/14/2018.Attorney Fee Disclosure (2016(b)) due 02/14/2018. Chapter 7 Statement of Your Current Monthly Income Form 122A-1 Due: 02/14/2018. Declaration and Signature of Non-Attorney Bankruptcy Petition Preparer due 02/14/2018. Disclosure of Compensation of Bankruptcy Petition Preparer due 02/14/2018. Employee Income Record Due:02/14/2018. Credit Counseling Date: 02/14/2018. Record of Debtors Interest in an Account or Program due02/14/2018. Chapter 7 Means Test Form 122A-1Supp Exemption Due: 02/14/2018.Means Test Calculation Form 122A-2 Due: 02/14/2018. Incomplete Filings due by 02/14/2018. Government Proof of Claim due by 07/30/2018. (Giaimo, Christopher) (Entered: 01/31/2018)
Jan 31, 2018 2 Receipt of Chapter 7 Voluntary Petition(18-00079) [misc,volp7] ( 335.00) Filing Fee. Receipt number2078718. Fee Amount 335.00 (re:Doc# 1) (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 01/31/2018)
Jan 31, 2018 3 Statement of Corporate Ownership filed. Corporate Affiliates added to case:, Michael Buich, Trustee, Tadich Grill Development Company LLC Filed by Tadich Grill of Washington DC LLC. (Giaimo, Christopher) (Entered: 01/31/2018)
Feb 1, 2018 Trustee Wendell W. Webster added to the case. 341(a) meeting to be held on 3/8/2018 at 10:30 AM U.S. Trustee's Meeting Room, Room 1207. Financial Management Course due: 5/7/2018. Last day to oppose discharge or dischargeability is 5/7/2018. (Ragland, Vamira) (Entered: 02/01/2018)
Feb 1, 2018 4 Order Directing Debtor's Attorney to File Rule 2016(B) Statement Order entered on 2/1/2018.Attorney Fee Disclosure (2016(b)) due 2/14/2018. (Brown, Freddie) (Entered: 02/01/2018)
Feb 1, 2018 5 Order to File Mailing Matrix or Show Cause (Re: Related Document(s)1 Chapter 7 Voluntary Petition.) Order entered on 2/1/2018. Mailing Matrix due 2/8/2018. Show Cause Deadline for Party in Interest 2/15/2018. (Brown, Freddie) (Entered: 02/01/2018)
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District Of Columbia Bankruptcy Court
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Jan 31, 2018
Apr 12, 2018
Last checked
Feb 26, 2018
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    Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association
    A.C. Beverage, Inc.
    A.S.A.P. Graphics
    AA Dependable Air, Inc.
    ABC Imaging of Washington, Inc.
    Adams-Burch, LLC
    ALSCO, Inc.
    Amazon Millwork Installations LLC
    American Air Services, Inc.
    American Express Company
    Bacchus Importers, LLC
    Bader Martin, P.S.
    Belair Produce Company, Inc.
    Bi-Rite Market, Inc.
    Bill.com, Inc.
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    Tadich Grill of Washington DC LLC
    1910 First Avenue, South
    Seattle, WA 98134
    Tax ID / EIN: xx-xxx4689
    aka Tadich Grill

    Represented By

    Christopher J. Giaimo
    Clark Hill PLC
    1001 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
    Suite 13000 South
    Washington, DC 20004
    (202) 640-6670
    Fax : (202) 640-6689
    Email: cgiaimo@clarkhill.com
    Jeffrey Neil Rothleder
    Clark Hill PLC
    1001 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
    Suite 1300 South
    Washington, DC 20004
    Email: jrothleder@clarkhill.com


    Wendell W. Webster
    Webster & Fredrickson, PLLC
    1775 K Street, NW
    Suite 600
    Washington, DC 20006

    Us Trustee

    U. S. Trustee for Region Four
    U. S. Trustee's Office
    115 South Union St
    Suite 210 Plaza Level
    Alexandria, VA 22314

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    Jul 30, 2014 Inner Circle 1420, LLC t/a Lotus Lounge 11 1:14-bk-00439
    Feb 11, 2014 Izakaya, LLC 11 1:14-bk-00088
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    Nov 7, 2013 Boutique Lounges, LLC 11 1:13-bk-00703
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    May 30, 2012 Gospel Rescue Ministries of Washington, D.C. Inc. 11 1:12-bk-00405
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