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Peter Szanto

California Central Bankruptcy Court
Voluntary / 11





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Last Updated
Jun 16, 2023
Last Entry Filed
Jun 15, 2023

Docket Entries by Month

Jun 9 1 Petition Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition Individual. Fee Amount $1738 Filed by Peter Szanto Summary of Assets and Liabilities (Form 106Sum or 206Sum ) due 6/23/2023. Schedule A/B: Property (Form 106A/B or 206A/B) due 6/23/2023. Schedule C: The Property You Claim as Exempt (Form 106C) due 6/23/2023. Schedule D: Creditors Who Have Claims Secured by Property (Form 106D or 206D) due 6/23/2023. Schedule E/F: Creditors Who Have Unsecured Claims (Form 106E/F or 206E/F) due 6/23/2023. Schedule G: Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases (Form 106G or 206G) due 6/23/2023. Schedule H: Your Codebtors (Form 106H or 206H) due 6/23/2023. Schedule I: Your Income (Form 106I) due 6/23/2023. Schedule J: Your Expenses (Form 106J) due 6/23/2023. Declaration About an Individual Debtors Schedules (Form 106Dec) due 6/23/2023. Statement of Financial Affairs (Form 107 or 207) due 6/23/2023. Chapter 11 Statement of Your Current Monthly Income (Form 122B) Due: 6/23/2023. Statement of Related Cases (LBR Form F1015-2) due 6/23/2023. Declaration by Debtors as to Whether Income was Received from an Employer within 60-Days of the Petition Date (LBR Form F1002-1) due by 6/23/2023. Verification of Master Mailing List of Creditors (LBR Form F1007-1) due 6/23/2023. Incomplete Filings due by 6/23/2023. (VN) (Entered: 06/09/2023)
Jun 9 2 Statement About Your Social Security Number (Official Form 121) Filed by Debtor Peter Szanto . (VN) (Entered: 06/09/2023)
Jun 9 3 Certificate of Credit Counseling Filed by Debtor Peter Szanto . (VN) (Entered: 06/09/2023)
Jun 9 Receipt of Chapter 11 Filing Fee - $1738.00 by 16. Receipt Number 80076738. (admin) (Entered: 06/09/2023)
Jun 11 4 BNC Certificate of Notice (RE: related document(s)1 Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11) filed by Debtor Peter Szanto) No. of Notices: 1. Notice Date 06/11/2023. (Admin.) (Entered: 06/11/2023)
Jun 11 5 BNC Certificate of Notice (RE: related document(s)1 Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11) filed by Debtor Peter Szanto) No. of Notices: 1. Notice Date 06/11/2023. (Admin.) (Entered: 06/11/2023)
Jun 12 Notice of Debtor's Prior Filings for debtor Peter Szanto Case Number 13-51261, Chapter 11 filed in Nevada Bankruptcy Court on 06/25/2013 , Dismissed for Other Reason on 06/17/2014; Case Number 16-33185, Chapter 7 filed in Oregon Bankruptcy Court on 08/16/2016, Discharge Denied on 3/31/2020; Case Number 13-11148, Chapter 13 filed in California Central Bankruptcy on 02/07/2013 , Dismissed for Other Reason on 05/10/2013; Case Number 22-01558, Chapter 11 filed in California Southern Bankruptcy Court on 06/10/2022 , Dismissed for Other Reason on 07/22/2022.(Admin) Modified on 6/12/2023 (HC). (Entered: 06/12/2023)
Jun 12 6 Request for courtesy Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) Filed by Weber, Edward. (Weber, Edward) (Entered: 06/12/2023)
Jun 13 7 Notice of Appointment of Trustee and Acceptance of Subchapter V Trustee. Mark M Sharf (TR) added to the case. Filed by U.S. Trustee United States Trustee (SA). (Hauser, Michael) (Entered: 06/13/2023)
Jun 14 8 Order Dismissing Case. IT IS ORDERED: The Case Is Hereby DISMISSED, And The Clerk Of The Bankruptcy Court For The Central District Of California Shall Advise The Oregon Bankruptcy Court Of This Action By Submission Of This Order To The Clerk Of The Oregon Bankruptcy Court With All Deliberate Speed. (SEE ORDER FOR FURTHER RULING) - Debtor Dismissed (BNC-PDF). Signed on 6/14/2023 (RE: related document(s)1 Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11) filed by Debtor Peter Szanto). (NB8) (Entered: 06/14/2023)

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Case Information

California Central Bankruptcy Court
Case number
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Scott C Clarkson
Jun 9, 2023
Dec 3, 2023
Last checked
Jul 5, 2023

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    Peter Szanto
    11 Shore Pine
    Newport Beach, CA 92657
    SSN / ITIN: xxx-xx-2357
    Tax ID / EIN: xx-xxx1767
    dba Peter Szanto Company

    Represented By

    Peter Szanto
    PRO SE


    Mark M Sharf (TR)
    6080 Center Drive #600
    Los Angeles, CA 90045

    Us Trustee

    United States Trustee (SA)
    411 W Fourth St., Suite 7160
    Santa Ana, CA 92701-4593
    (714) 338-3400

    Represented By

    Michael J Hauser
    411 W Fourth St Suite 7160
    Santa Ana, CA 92701-4593
    Fax : 714-338-3421
    Email: michael.hauser@usdoj.gov

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