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Petawatt Properties, LLC

New York Northern Bankruptcy Court
Voluntary / 11V





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Last Updated
Apr 5, 2024
Last Entry Filed
Apr 4, 2024

Docket Entries by Day

Mar 29 1 Petition Chapter 11 Subchapter V, Voluntary Petition for Non-Individuals. Receipt Number O, Fee Amount $1738 Filed by Petawatt Properties, LLC . Chapter 11 Plan Small Business Subchapter V Due by 6/27/2024. (Bazan, Judy) (Entered: 03/29/2024)
Mar 29 2 Motion to Dismiss Case PURSUANT TO 11 U.S.C Ā§ 1112(b) FOR DISMISSAL OF THIS CASE Filed by U.S. Trustee. (Champion, Erin) (Entered: 03/29/2024)
Mar 29 3 Notice of Hearing on Default Motion. Hearing Scheduled for 5/9/2024 at 1130 a.m. in Syracuse Filed by U.S. Trustee (related document(s)2). Objections due by 5/2/2024. (Attachments: # 1 Certificate of Service) (Champion, Erin) (Entered: 03/29/2024)
Mar 29 4 Notice of Deadlines. 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors Mailing Matrix due 4/1/2024. Certification of 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors Matrix due 4/1/2024.Chapter 11 Statement of Your Current Monthly Income Form 122B Due 4/12/2024Affidavit Pursuant to LR 2015 due by 4/5/2024.Small Business Cash Flow Statement due 4/5/2024.Small Business Statement of Operations due 4/5/2024. (Bazan, Judy) (Entered: 03/29/2024)
Apr 1 5 BNC Certificate of Mailing. (related document(s):4). Notice Date 03/31/2024. (Admin.) (Entered: 04/01/2024)
Apr 1 Receipt of Chapter 11 Filing Fee - $1,738.00. Receipt Number 12400147 by JB. (admin) (Entered: 04/01/2024)
Apr 1 6 Notice of Appointment of Subchapter V Trustee. Michael Brummer-Trustee added to the case. Filed by U.S. Trustee. (Attachments: # 1 trustee's verified statement)(Champion, Erin) (Entered: 04/01/2024)
Apr 1 7 Order Setting Last Day To File Proofs of Claim . Proofs of Claim due by 6/7/2024. (Bazan, Judy) (Entered: 04/01/2024)
Apr 1 8 Meeting of Creditors. 341(a) meeting to be held on 4/30/2024 at 02:00 PM at First Meeting Syracuse. Last day to object to discharge of certain debts 7/1/2024. Proofs of Claim due by 6/7/2024. Government Proof of Claim due by 9/25/2024. (Bazan, Judy) (Entered: 04/01/2024)
Apr 1 9 Clerk's Notice Re: (related document(s):2). (Bazan, Judy) (Entered: 04/01/2024)
Apr 1 10 Order to Appear and Show Cause as to Why The Court Should Not Dismiss Case for Failure to Comply with LBR 9010-2. Show Cause hearing to be held on 4/11/2024 at 11:30 AM at Syracuse Courtroom. (Bazan, Judy) (Entered: 04/01/2024)
Apr 1 11 Court Certificate of Mailing (related document(s):10). (Bazan, Judy) (Entered: 04/01/2024)

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Case Information

New York Northern Bankruptcy Court
Case number
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Wendy A. Kinsella
Mar 29, 2024
Apr 1, 2024
Last checked
Apr 24, 2024

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    Petawatt Properties, LLC
    695 West End Avenue
    Carthage, NY 13619
    Tax ID / EIN: xx-xxx9232

    Represented By

    Petawatt Properties, LLC
    PRO SE


    Michael Brummer-Trustee
    168 Farber Lane
    Williamsville, NY 14221

    U.S. Trustee

    U.S. Trustee
    U.S. Trustee Office
    10 Broad Street,
    Room 105
    Utica, NY 13501

    Represented By

    Erin Champion
    Office of the United States Trustee
    105 U.S. Courthouse
    10 Broad St.
    Utica, NY 13501
    Email:Ā USTPRegion02.UT.ECF@usdoj.gov

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