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Mile High Real Estate, LLC

New Hampshire Bankruptcy Court
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Jul 15, 2011
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Jul 14, 2011

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Jul 13, 2011 1 Petition Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition. Fee Amount $1039 Filed by Mile High Real Estate, LLC Chapter 11 Plan due by 11/10/2011. Disclosure Statement due by 11/10/2011. Statement of Financial Affairs due by 07/27/2011. Schedule A due by 07/27/2011. Schedule B due by 07/27/2011. Schedule D due by 07/27/2011. Schedule E due by 07/27/2011. Schedule F due by 07/27/2011. Schedule G due by 07/27/2011. Schedule H due by 07/27/2011. Atty Disclosure Statement due by 07/27/2011. Summary of Schedules due by 07/27/2011. Statistical Summary of Certain Liabilities due by 07/27/2011. Incomplete Filings due by 07/27/2011. (O'Brien, Robert) (Entered: 07/13/2011)
Jul 13, 2011 2 Receipt of Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11)(11-12699) [misc,volp11] (1039.00) filing fee. Receipt number 1950789, amount $1039.00. (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 07/13/2011)
Jul 13, 2011 3 Notice to Debtor to File Schedules and Statements. Certain schedules and statements were not filed with the voluntary petition and are required to be filed by the date indicated under Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 1007 and Local Bankruptcy Rule 1007-1. Failure to file the documents required by 11 U.S.C. Section 521(a)(1) and Local Bankruptcy Rule 1007-1 will result in the scheduling of an order to show cause hearing. (RE: related document(s) 1 Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11) filed by Debtor Mile High Real Estate, LLC). Schedule A due by 7/27/2011. Schedule B due by 7/27/2011. Schedule D due by 7/27/2011. Schedule E due by 7/27/2011. Schedule F due by 7/27/2011. Schedule G due by 7/27/2011. Schedule H due by 7/27/2011. Declaration re Debtor Schedules due by 7/27/2011. Atty Disclosure Statement due by 7/27/2011. Summary of Schedules due by 7/27/2011. Statistical Summary of Certain Liabilities due by 7/27/2011. Verified Stmt. re Matrix due by 7/27/2011. List of Equity Security Holders due by 7/27/2011. Corporate Resolution due by 7/27/2011. Debtor Organizational Documents due by 7/27/2011. Statement of Parent/Public Companies due by 7/27/2011. Incomplete Filings due by 7/27/2011. (gll) (Entered: 07/13/2011)
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New Hampshire Bankruptcy Court
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J. Michael Deasy
Jul 13, 2011
Apr 18, 2016
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    American Express
    Associated Recovery Systems
    Capital One
    Debt Alert
    Digital Federal Credit Union
    East Coast Security Services Inc
    Friend Lumber Co of Lowell
    GE Capital
    Goldman & LeBrun PA
    Haughey Philpot & Laurent PA
    Hudson Plumbing
    JGI Eastern Inc
    JP Morgan Chase Bank NA
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    Mile High Real Estate, LLC
    253 Main Street
    Nashua, NH 03060
    Tax ID / EIN: xx-xxx1398

    Represented By

    Robert L. O'Brien
    O'Brien Law
    P.O. Box 357
    New Boston, NH 03070-0357
    Fax : 603-250-0822
    Email: robjd@mail2firm.com

    Us Trustee

    Office of the U.S. Trustee
    1000 Elm Street
    Suite 605
    Manchester, NH 03101
    (603) 666-7908

    Represented By

    Ann Marie Dirsa
    Office of U.S. Trustee
    1000 Elm Street
    Suite 605
    Manchester, NH 03101
    (603) 666-7908
    Fax : (603) 666-7913
    Email: ann.marie.dirsa@usdoj.gov

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