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Intergity Sprinkling Systems, Inc

Florida Middle Bankruptcy Court
N/A / 11





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Aug 9, 2011
Last Entry Filed
Aug 8, 2011

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Jul 29, 2011 1 Petition Voluntary Petition under Chapter 11. (Fee Paid.) Schedules A-J and Summary of Schedules, Statement of Financial Affairs Disclosure of Compensation, List of Creditors Holding 20 Largest Unsecured Claims, List of Equity Security Holders Filed by Robert L Vaughn on behalf of Integrity Sprinkling Systems, INC.. (Vaughn, Robert) Modified on 8/3/2011 (Dannels, Pat). (Entered: 07/29/2011)
Jul 29, 2011 2 Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury for Electronic Filing Regarding Petition, Schedules, and Statement of Affairs Filed by Robert L Vaughn on behalf of Debtor INTERGITY SPRINKLING SYSTEMS, INC.. (Vaughn, Robert) (Entered: 07/29/2011)
Aug 1, 2011 Receipt of Filing Fee for Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11)(9:11-bk-14600) [misc,volp11a2] (1039.00). Receipt Number 25548803, Amount Paid $1039.00 (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 08/01/2011)
Aug 1, 2011 Assignment of the Honorable Barry S. Schermer, Bankruptcy Judge to this case. The Trustee appointed to this case is the US Trustee. (Wiener, Sarah) (Entered: 08/01/2011)
Aug 2, 2011 3 Order to File All State and Federal Tax Returns and Pay Taxes When Due . (ADIclerk) (Entered: 08/02/2011)
Aug 2, 2011 4 Amended Voluntary Petition , Amended Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury for Electronic Filing Regarding Amended Voluntary Petition Filed by Robert L Vaughn on behalf of Debtor Intergity Sprinkling Systems, Inc (related document(s) 2 , 1 ). (Vaughn, Robert) (Entered: 08/02/2011)
Aug 2, 2011 5 Amended Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury for Electronic Filing Filed by Robert L Vaughn on behalf of Debtor Intergity Sprinkling Systems, Inc. (Vaughn, Robert) Modified on 8/3/2011 (Dannels, Pat). See corrective entry dated 8/3/2011 Modified on 8/3/2011 (Dannels, Pat). (Entered: 08/02/2011)
Aug 2, 2011 6 Notice of Administrative Order Establishing Initial Procedures in Chapter 11 Cases Filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court of the Middle District of Florida. (ADIclerk) (Entered: 08/02/2011)
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Florida Middle Bankruptcy Court
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Barry S. Schermer
Jul 29, 2011
Apr 18, 2016
    This case has no creditors listed.



    Integrity Sprinkling Systems, Inc
    160 Hunter Blvd
    Unit B-4
    Cape Coral, FL 33909
    Tax ID / EIN: xx-xxx1986

    Represented By

    Robert L Vaughn
    Law Office of Robert L. Vaughn PA
    2080 Collier Avenue
    Fort Myers, FL 33901-8127
    Fax : 239-236-0889
    Email: robertlvaughnesq@earthlink.net

    Us Trustee

    United States Trustee - FTM
    Timberlake Annex, Suite 1200
    501 E. Polk Street
    Tampa, FL 33602

    Represented By

    J Steven Wilkes
    Office of United States Trustee
    501 East Polk Street
    Tampa, FL 33602
    (813) 228-2000
    Fax : (813) 228-2303
    Email: steven.wilkes@usdoj.gov

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