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Imperial Frozen Foods Op Co, LLC

North Carolina Eastern Bankruptcy Court
Voluntary / 7





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Dec 10, 2019
Last Entry Filed
Dec 9, 2019

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Nov 22 1 Petition Chapter 7 Voluntary Petition filed by Imperial Frozen Foods Op Co, LLC (Jeutter, Gerald) (Entered: 11/22/2019)
Nov 22 2 Request to Activate Debtor Electronic Notice filed by Gerald A. Jeutter Jr. on behalf of Imperial Frozen Foods Op Co, LLC. (Jeutter, Gerald) (Entered: 11/22/2019)
Nov 22 NOTE: DEBN Account(s) Activated (related document(s): 2 Request re: Debtor Electronic Notice) (Shum-Drake, Kelly) (Entered: 11/22/2019)
Nov 22 Receipt Of Filing Fee For Voluntary Petition (Chapter 7)( 19-05419-5) [misc,volp7] ( 335.00), Receipt Number A15191033, Amount $ 335.00. (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 11/22/2019)
Nov 22 NOTE: Case manager assigned to case is Ahronda Crossman (Parker, Wendy) (Entered: 11/22/2019)
Nov 22 3 Meeting of Creditors 341(a) meeting to be held on 12/30/2019 at 09:30 AM at Raleigh 341 Meeting Room. (Roberson, Tina) (Entered: 11/22/2019)
Nov 25 4 BNC Certificate of Mailing - Meeting of Creditors Notice Date 11/24/2019. (Related Doc # 3) (Admin.) (Entered: 11/25/2019)
Nov 25 5 Order to Appear for Examination (Craig Higgins) . (Donnery, Erin) (Entered: 11/25/2019)
Nov 25 6 DEFICIENCY NOTICE to Gerald A Jeutter re: Petition. In order for this case to be administered, it is necessary that the following item(s) be filed by the date(s) indicated: Schedule A/B,Schedule D,Schedule E/F,Schedule G,Schedule H,Statement of Affairs,Attorney Disclosure of Compensation,. Pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 1008, all petitions, lists, schedules, statements, and amendments should be verified or contain an unsworn declaration as provided in 28 U.S.C. 1746. The three day mailing period as provided for under Rule 9006(f), Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, does not apply. Incomplete Filings due by 12/6/2019. Disclosure of Compensation due by 12/6/2019. Summary of Schedules due by 12/6/2019. (Donnery, Erin) (Entered: 11/25/2019)
Nov 25 7 Notice of Appearance filed by Cole Richins on behalf of ACF FinCo I LP. (Richins, Cole) (Entered: 11/25/2019)
Nov 26 8 Order Appointing Trustee. (Admin.) (Entered: 11/26/2019)
Nov 26 9 Application to Employ Gregory B. Crampton and the law firm of Nicholls & Crampton, P.A. as Attorney for Trustee Recommendation due 12/10/2019 filed by Gregory B Crampton on behalf of Gregory B Crampton (Crampton, Gregory) (Entered: 11/26/2019)
Nov 28 10 BNC Certificate Of Mailing - Order Notice Date 11/27/2019. (Related Doc # 5) (Admin.) (Entered: 11/28/2019)
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North Carolina Eastern Bankruptcy Court
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Stephani W. Humrickhouse
Nov 22, 2019
Dec 10, 2019
Last checked
Dec 10, 2019
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    1World Sync
    3150 at Heritage Condo OA Inc
    3150 at Heritage Condominium Owners
    3M Company
    A and D Cold Storage Inc
    A&P Fruit Growers Ltd-Attn: Officer
    Accentuate Staffing Inc
    ACF FinCo I, LP
    Action Overhead Door of Savannah
    Active Berry Packers LLC
    Adivas LLC
    ADS Security LP
    Advanced Design & Packaging Inc
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    Imperial Frozen Foods Op Co, LLC
    3150 Rogers Road, Suite 212
    Wake Forest, NC 27587
    Tax ID / EIN: xx-xxx9714

    Represented By

    Gerald A. Jeutter, Jr.
    Smith Anderson, LLP
    PO Box 2611
    Raleigh, NC 27601-2611
    919 821-1220
    Fax : 919 821-6800
    Email: jjeutter@smithlaw.com


    Gregory B Crampton
    Nicholls & Crampton, P.A.
    PO Box 18237
    Raleigh, NC 27619
    919 781-1311

    Date Filed Nameparent case = parent case Chapter Case #
    Nov 22 Imperial Snacks, LLC 7 5:2019bk05420
    Nov 22 Imperial Frozen Foods Holdco, LLC 7 5:2019bk05422
    Jul 18 Diamond Perfection, Inc. 11 5:2019bk03270
    Apr 10 Buffalo Wings and Rings Triangle NC LLC dba Bison 7 5:2019bk01622
    Apr 1 One BlueSky Investments, LLC 11 5:2019bk01439
    Aug 20, 2018 Unity Moving and Storage, Inc. 11 5:2018bk04152
    May 12, 2017 CMD Distribution Inc. 7 5:17-bk-02391
    Dec 12, 2016 Kamado Grille - Spring Forest Operating, LLC 11 5:16-bk-06373
    Aug 13, 2014 Franklin Logistical Services, Inc. 7 5:14-bk-04656
    Mar 17, 2014 Titan Concrete, Inc. 7 5:14-bk-01521
    Jan 2, 2014 Power Print Consulting, LLC 7 5:14-bk-50001
    Nov 29, 2013 Rising Star Christian Academy, Inc. 11 8:13-bk-07410
    Apr 19, 2013 Shotwell Landfill, Inc. 11 8:13-bk-02590
    Nov 23, 2011 Car Builders, Inc. 7 8:11-bk-08949
    Nov 21, 2011 Sappah Brothers Building, LLC 7 8:11-bk-08907