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Halliday Pipeline, Inc.

New Hampshire Bankruptcy Court
Voluntary / 7





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Last Updated
Mar 1, 2015
Last Entry Filed
Feb 26, 2015

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Jan 22, 2015 1 Petition Chapter 7 Voluntary Petition . Fee Amount $335 Filed by Halliday Pipeline, Inc. Statement of Financial Affairs due by 02/5/2015. Schedule A due by 02/5/2015. Schedule B due by 02/5/2015. Schedule D due by 02/5/2015. Schedule E due by 02/5/2015. Schedule F due by 02/5/2015. Schedule G due by 02/5/2015. Schedule H due by 02/5/2015. Atty Disclosure Statement due by 02/5/2015. Summary of Schedules due by 02/5/2015. Incomplete Filings due by 02/5/2015. (McDonald, Marc) (Entered: 01/22/2015)
Jan 22, 2015 2 Receipt of Voluntary Petition (Chapter 7)(15-10089) [misc,volp7] ( 335.00) filing fee. Receipt number 2866993, Fee amount $ 335.00. (re: Doc#1). (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 01/22/2015)
Jan 22, 2015 3 Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice by Thomas K. McCraw Jr. Filed by Creditor Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation (McCraw, Thomas) (Entered: 01/22/2015)
Jan 23, 2015 4 Meeting of Creditors & Notice of Appointment of Interim Trustee Timothy P. Smith, with 341(a) meeting to be held on 02/17/2015 at 11:00 AM at Room 702, Seventh Floor, 1000 Elm Street, Manchester, NH. Proofs of Claim due by 05/18/2015. Government Proof of Claim due by 07/21/2015.. (Entered: 01/23/2015)
Jan 23, 2015 5 Notice to Debtor to File Schedules and Statements. Certain schedules and statements were not filed with the voluntary petition and are required to be filed by the date indicated under Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 1007 and Local Bankruptcy Rule 1007-1. Failure to file the documents required by 11 U.S.C. Section 521(a)(1) and Local Bankruptcy Rule 1007-1 will result in the issuing of a Clerks Notice of Dismissal (Contingent). (RE: related document(s)1 Voluntary Petition (Chapter 7) filed by Debtor Halliday Pipeline, Inc.). Statement of Financial Affairs due by 2/5/2015. Schedule A due by 2/5/2015. Schedule B due by 2/5/2015. Schedule D due by 2/5/2015. Schedule E due by 2/5/2015. Schedule F due by 2/5/2015. Schedule G due by 2/5/2015. Schedule H due by 2/5/2015. Declaration re Debtor Schedules due by 2/5/2015. Verified Stmt. re List of Creditors due by 2/5/2015. Atty Disclosure Statement due by 2/5/2015. Summary of Schedules due by 2/5/2015. Corporate Resolution due by 2/5/2015. Inventory of Property due by 2/5/2015. Incomplete Filings due by 2/5/2015. (hk) (Entered: 01/23/2015)
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New Hampshire Bankruptcy Court
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Jan 22, 2015
Mar 23, 2016
Last checked
Mar 1, 2015
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    Berkley Regional Specialty Insurance Co
    C&C Trucking, LLC
    Cambridge Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
    Caterpillar Financial Services Corp.
    Caterpillar Financial Services, Corp.
    Cold River Materials
    Construction Summary of NH ME & VT
    DH Hardwick & Sons
    Hixson's Heating Services, Inc.
    Internal Revenue Service
    Internal Revenue Service
    John Griffin, Jr., Esq.
    John Turner, CPA, PC
    Law Offices of Steve Bonnette
    NH Employment Security
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    Halliday Pipeline, Inc.
    8 Memory Lane
    Hancock, NH 03449
    Tax ID / EIN: xx-xxx3682

    Represented By

    Marc W. McDonald
    Kazan, Shaughnessy, Kasten & McDonald
    746 Chestnut Street
    Manchester, NH 03104
    (603) 644-4357
    Email: marc@kskmlaw.com


    Timothy P. Smith
    67 Middle Street
    Manchester, NH 03101
    (603) 623-0036

    Us Trustee

    Office of the U.S. Trustee
    1000 Elm Street
    Suite 605
    Manchester, NH 03101
    (603) 666-7908

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    Oct 15, 2016 Pitcherville Transportation, Inc. 7 1:16-bk-11458
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    Dec 7, 2015 Troy Redevelopment Group, Inc. 7 1:15-bk-11868
    Jul 31, 2015 Maine Auto, Inc. 7 1:15-bk-11219
    Mar 4, 2014 Our Town Pizza, LLC 11 1:14-bk-10437
    Nov 15, 2013 The Magic Flute, LLC 11 1:13-bk-12784
    Oct 15, 2012 Advanced Drywall, Inc. 7 1:12-bk-13179
    Aug 13, 2012 TRB Excavating, LLC 7 1:12-bk-12558
    Apr 9, 2012 428 Main Street Marketing, LLC 7 1:12-bk-11162
    Mar 28, 2012 Loverme Family, Inc. 7 1:12-bk-10969
    Sep 21, 2011 Cornerstone Auto Repair II, LLC 7 1:11-bk-13515
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