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Enviva Pellets Epes Holdings, LLC

Virginia Eastern Bankruptcy Court
Voluntary / 11





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Last Updated
Mar 18, 2024
Last Entry Filed
Mar 14, 2024

Docket Entries by Week of Year

Mar 13 1 Petition Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition Non-Individual Filed by Adolyn Clark Wyatt of Kutak Rock LLP on behalf of Enviva Pellets Epes Holdings, LLC. (Wyatt, Adolyn)
Mar 13 2 U.S. Treasury receipt of Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition( 24-10454) [misc,824] (1738.00) filing fee. Receipt number A36049254, amount $1738.00. (Re: Doc#1) (U.S. Treasury)
Mar 13 3 Motion for Joint Administration with 24-70505, 24-10453, 24-10455, 24-10456, 24-10457, 24-10458, 24-10459, 24-10460, 24-10461, 24-10462, 24-10463, 24-10464, 24-10465, 24-10466, 24-10467, 24-10469, 24-10470, 24-10471, 24-10472, 24-10473 Motion of Debtors for Entry of an Order Directing Joint Administration of the Debtors' Chapter 11 Cases filed by Jeremy S. Williams of Kutak Rock LLP on behalf of Enviva Pellets Epes Holdings, LLC. (Williams, Jeremy)
Mar 14 4 Order Granting Motion for Joint Administration (Related Doc 3), Related Case 1:24-bk-10453. An order has been entered in this case in accordance with Rule 1015(b) of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and Rule 1015-1 of the Local Bankruptcy Rules of Bankruptcy Practice and Procedure of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, directing joint administration for procedural purposes only of the chapter 11 cases of: Enviva Inc., Case No. 24-10453 (BFK); Enviva Aircraft Holdings Corp., Case No. 24- 10460 (BFK); Enviva Development Finance Company, LLC, Case No. 24-10469 (BFK); Enviva Energy Services, LLC, Case No. 24-10462 (BFK); Enviva GP, LLC, Case No. 24- 10463 (BFK); Enviva Holdings GP, LLC, Case No. 24-10465 (BFK); Enviva Management Company, LLC, Case No. 24-10461 (BFK); Enviva MLP International Holdings, LLC, Case No. 24-10464 (BFK); Enviva Partners Finance Corp., Case No. 24-10472 (BFK); Enviva Pellets Bond, LLC, Case No. 24-10466 (BFK); Enviva Pellets Epes Finance Company, LLC, Case No. 24-10473 (BFK); Enviva Pellets Epes Holdings, LLC, Case No. 24-10454 (BFK); Enviva Pellets Epes, LLC, Case No. 24-10471 (BFK); Enviva Pellets Greenwood, LLC, Case No. 24-10455 (BFK); Enviva Pellets Lucedale, LLC, Case No. 24- 10456 (BFK); Enviva Pellets Waycross, LLC, Case No. 24-10457 (BFK); Enviva Pellets, LLC, Case No. 24-70505 (BFK); Enviva Port of Pascagoula, LLC, Case No. 24-10458 (BFK); Enviva Shipping Holdings, LLC, Case No. 24-10459 (BFK); Enviva Holdings, LP, Case No. 24-10470 (BFK); and Enviva, LP, Case No. 24-10467 (BFK). The docket in Enviva Inc., Case No. 24-10453 (BFK) should be consulted for all matters affecting these cases. All further pleadings and other papers shall be filed in and all further docket entries shall be made in Enviva Inc., Case No. 24-10453 (BFK (Baumgartner, Cindy) Modified on 3/14/2024 to add docket text (Manley, Candace).
Mar 14 5 Entry Modification Made: See entry (Re: related document(s)4 Order on Motion for Joint Administration) (Manley, Candace)

Case Information

Virginia Eastern Bankruptcy Court
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Brian F. Kenney
Mar 13, 2024
Jun 23, 2024
Last checked
Mar 18, 2024
Lead case
Enviva Inc.

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    Enviva Pellets Epes Holdings, LLC
    7272 Wisconsin Avenue
    Suite 1800
    Bethesda, MD 20814
    Tax ID / EIN: xx-xxx8672

    Represented By

    Jeremy S. Williams
    Kutak Rock LLP
    901 East Byrd Street
    Suite 1000
    Richmond, VA 23219-4071
    (804) 644-1700
    Fax : 804-783-6192
    Email: jeremy.williams@kutakrock.com
    Adolyn Clark Wyatt
    Kutak Rock LLP
    901 E. Byrd Street
    Ste 1000
    Richmond, VA 23219
    (804) 343-5202
    Email: adolyn.wyatt@kutakrock.com

    U.S. Trustee

    Gerard R. Vetter
    Office of the U.S. Trustee - Region 4
    1725 Duke Street
    Suite 650
    Alexandria, VA 22314

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