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Delet Door, Inc.

Michigan Eastern Bankruptcy Court
N/A / 11





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Aug 4, 2011
Last Entry Filed
Aug 3, 2011

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Jul 26, 2011 1 Petition Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition. Fee Amount $1039 Filed by Delet Door, Inc. Chapter 11 Plan (Small Business) Due: 01/23/2012. (Gudeman, Edward) (Entered: 07/26/2011)
Jul 26, 2011 2 Bankruptcy Petition Cover Sheet Filed by Debtor In Possession Delet Door, Inc.. (Gudeman, Edward) (Entered: 07/26/2011)
Jul 26, 2011 3 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors Filed by Debtor In Possession Delet Door, Inc.. (Gudeman, Edward) (Entered: 07/26/2011)
Jul 26, 2011 4 Debtors Statement of Corporate Ownership Filed by Debtor In Possession Delet Door, Inc.. (Gudeman, Edward) (Entered: 07/26/2011)
Jul 27, 2011 Receipt of Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11)(11-60195) [misc,volp11at] (1039.00) filing fee. Receipt number 14601283, amount . (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 07/27/2011)
Jul 27, 2011 5 ORDER OF THE COURT FOR REASSIGNMENT OF JUDGE: It Appearing from the Court's records for the above entitled case that this case has been assigned to Judge Steven W. Rhodes and it further appearing that the debtor has a Companion Case as defined in L.B.R. 1073-1(c) filed with this Court on: 06/14/2010 assigned to Judge Marci B. McIvor and it being the practice of this Court, pursuant to L.B.R. 1073-1(a)(1)(E.D.M.), to reassign all subsequently filed cases to the Judge to whom the first case is assigned. NOW THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the above entitled case be removed from the docket of Judge Steven W. Rhodes and transferred to the docket of Judge Marci B McIvor. . So Ordered by /s/ Judge Steven W. Rhodes.(kthom) This Notice of Electronic Filing is the Official ORDER for this entry. No ORDER is attached. (Entered: 07/27/2011)
Jul 27, 2011 6 Notice of Deficient Pleading: Electronic Signature Missing or Incorrect Format ECF Procedure 11 (d)(1), . (RE: related document(s) 1 Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11) filed by Debtor In Possession Delet Door, Inc.) Electronic Signature Missing or Incorrect Format ECF Procedure 11 (d)(1) due on 8/3/2011. (kthom) (Entered: 07/27/2011)
Jul 27, 2011 Flags Set CASECHECKED. (kthom) (Entered: 07/27/2011)
Jul 27, 2011 7 Motion Regarding Chapter 11 First Day Motions Petition to Appoint Counsel Filed by Debtor In Possession Delet Door, Inc. (Attachments: # 1 Affidavit Exhibit A. Affidavit of Counsel# 2 Exhibit B. Proposed Consent of U.S. Trustee# 3 Proposed Order Exhibit C. Proposed Order Appointing Counsel# 4 Exhibit D. Proof of Service) (Gudeman, Edward) (Entered: 07/27/2011)
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Michigan Eastern Bankruptcy Court
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Marci B McIvor
Jul 26, 2011
Apr 18, 2016
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    Amarr Garage Doors Detroit
    Ford Motor Company
    Ford Motor Credit Company LLC
    Internal Revenue Service
    J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
    JP Morgan Chase Bank
    Michigan Department of Treasury
    Toyota Motor Credit Corporation
    Toyota Motor Credit Corporation (TMCC)
    U.S. Attorney
    U.S. Trustee
    Zvi Shevach and Samuel Berman



    In Possession
    Delet Door, Inc.
    29500 W. Nine Mile Road
    Farmington Hills, MI 48336
    Tax ID / EIN: xx-xxx8818

    Represented By

    Edward J. Gudeman
    26862 Woodward Ave.
    Suite 103
    Royal Oak, MI 48067
    (248) 546-2800
    Email: ejgudeman@gudemanlaw.com

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