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D'Best Beverages, Inc.

California Central Bankruptcy Court
Voluntary / 11





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Apr 18, 2018
Last Entry Filed
Apr 14, 2018

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Apr 10 1 Petition Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition Non-Individual. Fee Amount $1717 Filed by D'Best Beverages, Inc. Summary of Assets and Liabilities (Form 106Sum or 206Sum ) due 04/24/2018. Schedule A/B: Property (Form 106A/B or 206A/B) due 04/24/2018. Declaration About an Individual Debtors Schedules (Form 106Dec) due 04/24/2018. Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury for Non-Individual Debtors (Form 202) due 04/24/2018. Statement of Financial Affairs (Form 107 or 207) due 04/24/2018. Incomplete Filings due by 04/24/2018. (Stitz, Leonard) WARNING SEE DOCKET ENTRY NO. 2 FOR CORRECTION. DOCUMENT MUST BE FILED IN THE PROPER ORDER SEE COURT'S MANUAL. Modified on 4/10/2018 (Beezer, Cynthia). (Entered: 04/10/2018)
Apr 10 Receipt of Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11)(8:18-bk-11273) [misc,volp11] (1717.00) Filing Fee. Receipt number 46796337. Fee amount 1717.00. (re: Doc# 1) (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 04/10/2018)
Apr 10 Judge Erithe A. Smith added to case per open pending prior filing 8:18-11024ES (Beezer, Cynthia) (Entered: 04/10/2018)
Apr 10 2 Notice to Filer of Correction Made/No Action Required: Judge was assigned due to prior case., corporate ownership/Corp. resolution, 20 largest list filed in the #1 docket entry. THIS ENTRY IS PROVIDED FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. (RE: related document(s)1 Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11) filed by Debtor D'Best Beverages, Inc.) (Beezer, Cynthia) (Entered: 04/10/2018)
Apr 11 3 Order: (1) Setting Hearing on Status of Chapter 11 Case; and (2) Requiring Report on Status of Chapter 11 Case. Status Conference Hearing 5/31/2018 at 10:30 a.m., Courtroom 5A (BNC-PDF) (Related Doc # 1) Signed on 4/11/2018 (Duarte, Tina). (Entered: 04/11/2018)
Apr 11 4 Hearing Set (related document # 1). Status Conference hearing RE: (1) Status of Chapter 11 Case; and (2) Requiring Report on Status of Chapter 11 Case to be held on 5/31/2018 at 10:30 AM at Crtrm 5A, 411 W Fourth St., Santa Ana, CA 92701. The case judge is Erithe A. Smith (Duarte, Tina) (Entered: 04/11/2018)
Apr 11 5 Motion for Joint Administration Filed by Debtor D'Best Beverages, Inc. (Stitz, Leonard) (Entered: 04/11/2018)
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California Central Bankruptcy Court
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Erithe A. Smith
Apr 10, 2018
Apr 18, 2018
Last checked
May 4, 2018

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D'Best Beverages, Inc.
PO Box 18868
Anaheim, CA 92817-8868
Tax ID / EIN: xx-xxx2497
dba D'Best Dispensers
fdba Deborah Best dba D'Best Dispensers

Represented By

Leonard W Stitz
640 North Tustin Avenue, Suite 107
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Fax : 714-242-1966
Email: lenny@stitzlaw.com

Us Trustee

United States Trustee (SA)
411 W Fourth St., Suite 7160
Santa Ana, CA 92701-4593
(714) 338-3400

Represented By

Nancy S Goldenberg
411 W Fourth St Ste 7160
Santa Ana, CA 92701-8000
Fax : 714-338-3421
Email: nancy.goldenberg@usdoj.gov

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